Works nearby a Fluxys pipeline

Works in the reserved area at either side of the pipeline

Prohibited activities in the reserved area

The Royal Decree of 24 January 1991 specifies the minimum width of the reserved area where the following activities are prohibited (the following list is not exhaustive):

  • constructing buildings, enclosed premises, garden sheds, carports and tents;
  • storing equipment and materials;
  • altering the cross-section of the ground (e.g. excavating trenches, creating embankments or earthworks);
  • presence of trees and/or bushes (except those authorised by Fluxys).

> Read the Royal Decree of 24 January 1991    pdf

Fluxys gives a width of 10 metres (i.e. 5 metres either side of the axis of the natural gas transmission facilities concerned) for the area where the activities mentioned above are prohibited.


Works at less than 5 metres: tell Fluxys’ regional operating sector 48 hours in advance

If you plan to carry out earthworks within 5 metres of a Fluxys pipeline, you must tell Fluxys, even if you have already notified Fluxys of the works and we have already sent a patrol officer to inspect your site before the works began.

Our patrol officer will then set time aside in the inspection schedule to come and inspect the works taking place within 5 metres of the pipeline. To tell Fluxys about your works, you should contact Fluxys’ regional operating sector.

> Overview of the regional operating sectors of Fluxys

Works at less than 5 metres: instructions

You must follow the instructions below at all times when you are within 5 metres of the pipeline:

  • Do not store heavy loads in the area (e.g. a pile of earth or construction material, a truck, a crane).
  • Do not construct buildings.
  • Heavy machinery must not be used within 5 metres of the pipeline unless there is sufficient Fluxys-approved mechanical protection.
  • Never walk or drive on an unprotected pipeline or a pipeline with no earth covering it. Use footbridges or walkways.
  • Do not modify the ground relief without written agreement from Fluxys.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs without the agreement of Fluxys.


Works at less than 1 metre: with a spade and a shovel

You must not use machinery within 1 metre of a Fluxys pipeline. Within this area, everything must be removed using a spade and a shovel. You may depart from these rules under exceptional circumstances, providing you respect the following conditions: 

  • Your site manager must have a letter from Fluxys.
  • A Fluxys patrol officer must be there when the digging begins.
  • The machine you use must be fitted with a scoop without teeth.
  • An earthwork contractor must be in the trench to direct the digging and perform a check (with a spade or shovel) before another layer is removed.
  • The earth surrounding the pipeline must be cleared with a spade or shovel.

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