Personnel management

Fully focused on talent

Fluxys Belgium's talent management policy ensures that the right talent is in the right place at the right time. In this way talented personnel can make the maximum possible contribution to the company's success against the backdrop of an evolving market and changing company processes and structures.

Attracting the right talent for today and tomorrow

Based on its company objectives, Fluxys Belgium assesses its future staffing needs to gain a clear overview of which profiles and skills are required now and in the future. As such, our recruitment strategy is not based on simply filling vacancies as they arise, but rather on finding driven, motivated and committed employees who over time could also make a valuable contribution to other parts of the company or to the Fluxys Group. To attract and retain talent, Fluxys Belgium offers competitive salary packages that are in line with market levels.

Helping talent to contribute

Fluxys Belgium uses two levers, tailor-made induction programmes and dynamic performance management, to help its employees make the maximum possible contribution to achieving the company's aims.

To ensure that new employees and other members of staff get off to an effective flying start in their new position, Fluxys Belgium uses a personalised induction and integration programme in which their managers play a central role. Moreover, in every induction and integration programme an experienced member of staff acts as a mentor providing the new colleague with support in their work environment.

In fact, 2016 was an outstanding year for internal job mobility: almost 80 members of staff took the opportunity to take up another job in the company or in the Fluxys Group.

In the performance management cycle, constructive consultations take place each year to translate the corporate objectives into personal goals. Over the course of the year, these goals are the subject of regular dialogue between the staff members and their managers. To increase the incentive to realise the corporate goals, members of staff are rewarded for good performance with a boost to their pay package and career prospects.

Working on the talent of tomorrow

Through the performance management cycle and the annual talent review process, Fluxys Belgium maintains an overview of competencies at the company. This process results in a succession planning to meet future personnel requirements and so contribute to business continuity. In the same vein we also encourage internal mobility and prioritise internal candidates when seeking to fill vacancies or new positions. Our parent company Fluxys' international development also regularly gives rise to opportunities for further career development.

Allowing talent to grow and flourish

Fluxys Belgium's competence management and its professional development and training programmes are geared towards providing employees with the support they need to fulfil both the company's objectives and their own career goals.

Fluxys Belgium also knows full well that talent thrives most when members of staff have a good work/life balance and so offers staff the chance to telework from home. This has proved a success, with personnel making considerably more use of this option in 2016.

In terms of competency management, in 2016 executives and supervisory staff again mapped their competencies, using this as a basis to draw up targeted plans for their personal development. Following the same logic, managers are encouraged to coach staff in the areas of both performance and development.

The competency mapping exercise in 2016 showed that excellent progress had been made compared with the previous such exercise: the Think and Do competencies, which were already well entrenched, were further consolidated, while the Interact and Lead competencies have made good headway.

The development and training policy ensures that members of staff have the relevant knowledge and skills. To increase effectiveness, a varied mix of learning tools will be used: teaching jobs inside or outside the function, internal or external coaching, internal and external training and, for executives and supervisory staff, also an online learning platform.

As well as technical and safety training, a wide range of courses are laid on to develop general thinking, behavioural, interactional and leadership skills. In 2016, members of staff followed over 32,000 hours of training, of which 52% covered safety and technology.

In a bid to improve staff's sustainable employability within the company, Fluxys Belgium introduced a new programme in 2016 to develop computer skills. The programme will continue to be rolled out in 2017 and the years after that. It will play a key role in keeping the digital capability of the organisation up to date.

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